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First Time

First Post on here.

Sammy, 22, into a lot of kinky shit.

Favourite thing at the moment is watersports.
I first got into it at the age of 17 when I was camping with some friends and my boyfriend. We had all decided to play the waiting game. You know the one where you have to hold it the longest and the person that either wets first or rushes to the toilet has to do a forefeit.

we had drunk a lot of water and stuff on the way up (the drive was four hours - we didn't stop for a toilet break), we decided in the car that we would play said game. Setting up the tents, my friend, Julia, kept on hopping from one foot to another. Everyone thought she was going to crack first. She didn't. About an hour or so later, (most of us were pretty desperate by this time) Pete decided to get the water bottles out again. My boyfriend, Tom and best friend Hannah, were both really desperate; holding on for dear life. As the water bottles were sports cap, Pete and I (who were almost as desperate as Tom and Hannah) got two bottles and started squirting them. Bad move for Pete who got his sock and trainer completely soaked, making him really desperate now. I squirted some into Tom's mouth - he couldn't take much more liquid in, causing it to all drip down his front. He made a dash for the nearest tree but, alas, my gorgeous boyfriend leaked as he stood up. I remember with all his might he tried to stop the flow, but the wet patch kept growing and growing. It was the hottest thing I had seen in a long time.
Julia was the next to go, though she actually made it to behind a tree.

Sort of told you all about my friends. Not really my experience. When we were squirting the water, I had to squeeze myself extremely tight to stop anything from excaping. I was huddled on the floor by Tom's feet when he stood up. His piss hitting my knee. The heat from it made it harder to hold on. I only lasted a couple of more minutes (I wouldn't admit to any of my friends I was horny as well). Tom decided he was going to have  a bit of fun with me. He knew all my tickle spots, thus grabbing me around the waist gently, tickling me with feather-like fingers. I felt a spurt of pee come out then. I looked at him in shock - I really didn't expect it. I still tried to hold it in.
He got me pinned to the floor by the point when it started to flow. Tom rubbed his hard-on against me (turns out he got pretty turned on by me losing control) and pressed down on my stomach. It came out in a couple more squirts then it wouldn't stop. I had let go properly, drenching my jeans, Tom's already wet trousers and both our shirts. I had never peed so much in my life. It was quite surreal.



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