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Today's ventures

Went for a walk around Arundel today, was really lovely to walk. After last night's session, Tom still wanted more. He wanted to be in control of me again. I let him. He started to give me a lot of juice, especially Apple because he knows it goes straight through me. This was about eleven a.m. I had peed when I woke up -  part of my normal routine when I am not having a "piss-y day". We left about twenty minutes later, it is only a thirty minute drive and Arundel is a lovely place to be. We went for a walk through the castle, Tom constantly plied me with water. I could feel the slight push on my bladder, thus far in the day I had already drunk three apple juices and four bottles of water. The tour took a good three hours - the grounds are wuite big and during the end, Tom was taking his time in every room. I was trying not to let it show that I was hopping about and extremely desperate. We went to this little walkway and a field - nice little picnic area. There were a couple of people around. Many were too far away to notice anything or they were leaving.

The need came in a wave and I crossed my legs tight, hand holding myself. I begged him, he was my master. "Please, sir, can I got to the toilet?"
He pressed down on my stomach, I squuezed myself tighter to stop the pee escaping.

"No, you can wait till we get home," he was enjoying this.

"But, please. I don't think I will make it until then. I'm going to wet myself."

"you sick bitch. You better hold it until we get home. If not there will be so much trouble young lady." I decided to choose my words wisely here.

"But daddy please. I really need to go!" I started rocking myself. He pressed down harder on my stomach, a tiny spurt escaped me. My face gave me away, it was the look of surprise and relief that got him. He put his hand between my leg, laid us down with me on the bottom. I'm not sure if people were watching us, but I really didn't care. My blood was boiling. He pressed down on my stomach, the hand between my leg was rubbing me slightly. Oh, it felt so good. I really needed to let it all out now. The pressure on my stomach was just enough to make me start a slow stream. My eyes widened, a small wet patch formed on my jeans (luckily they are quite dark) It took all my might not to piss myself completely. Tom pulled his hand out from my groin, his hands glistening slightly. I gulped. His nose was on mine, "well, well. You naughty naughty little girl. Daddy is going to have to punish you, isn't he?" My heart started racing faster. He put his wet fingers in my mouth, i licked them clean. The familiar salty tang.

"Now," he said after his fingers were cleaned. "Are you going to wait till you get in or are you going to be a sick little baby?" Some days I wished we did this more often.

"Wait sir." He smiled and got off me, I couldn't help but let my eyes drift down to his crotch. He was slightly wet from me and extremely hard. He growled when I started squirming again.

"You know how I love this, right?" There was the reason I fell in love with him: his tenderness... and, of course the fact he was a kinky sod.
"Daddy, I really can't hold it. Really. I really really need to goo!" I was writhing around, surely he can't be that mean. Surely enough, he wasn't.

"Okay, baby, let's get you to the car and get you home." Easier said than done. We were only a five minute walk away from the car. He pulled me up, and it started. I couldn't control my bladder. I let go, it trickled down my leg. So warm. God, it felt so good to let go. Tom pulled me back down onto the grass and started grinding against me. I hadn't peed this much in ages. My jeans were soaked through and the majority of his front was soaked too. 

We came back home, both still pretty much soaked and aroused from the park session. Tom needed to piss pretty badly now. Oh, how I love this. :D I sat him down on one of the dining room chairs, went into the bedroom and under the bed was some rope and handcuffs.. You bet ya. I tied him to the chair., handcuffed his legs to the legs of the chair - he was now mine. Tom has a weaker bladder than I do which makes it a bit more fun... For me anyway. ;o) I was straddling him, and his futile attempt to get out of the chair was a complete and utter fail. I  undid his trousers and pushed down on his stomach, he let out a moan, the tiniest wet patch was emerging, he held his head in shame, trying to stop the flow. He couldn't seem to stop it. Shame. I grabbed his cock, stopped the flow myself, just about. I slapped him around the face "Dirty boy. Sick. Pathetic," the tears were welling up in his eyes (and not from the slapping). "Call yourself a man? I ought to leave you in your piss all day." I have never heard him whimper like he did. I did his trousers back up, got a bottle of water out of the fridge and made him drink it. As soon as it was touching his lips, he was pissing himself, squirting through his jeans and hitting me.

That's about enough of our ventures today and for about two weeks - we are going to visit my parents. No sex, no nothing. We will have to reminisce on here though.


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